Orifice Fitting Parts & Kits

Everything needed to keep DBB, Dual and Single Chamber Orifice Fittings operating accurately and efficiently. Parts are available for standard or corrosive service requirements, line sizes 2" through 30", ANSI ratings 150 through 2500. Canalta Orifice Fitting Repair Kits include a full complement of orifice fitting parts, allowing for a complete rebuild of the orifice fitting or replenishing spare parts inventory.
These kits are available with our standard 316SS stainless steel internals or come available with Duplex or Super Duplex materials for extremely corrosive applications. All repair kits include high-grade HNBR internal seals and are packaged in a sturdy resin case for easy storage or transport.

Innovative Designs

The vast majority of orifice fittings in service in North America are in vertical flow or rotated installations. That is why Canalta developed the CLIP-STYLE VALVE CARRIER, a unique package that holds the valve carrier, springs, and valve strip together without affecting the critical performance of the slide valve as a whole. These units are already in service worldwide and can improve your field operations as well.


Orifice Plate and Seals

A full range of standard concentric universal and paddle plates, orifice plates for special applications and orifice plate seals to match your specific process and service environment.

All orifice plates comply with AGA-3 / API 14.3 or ISO 5167-1 requirements for maximum accuracy. Canalta can also provide Orifice Fitting Inspection Reports, guaranteeing quality and performance.


Flow Conditioning Solutions

From traditional 19-tube bundle straightening vanes in carbon or stainless steel, to the compact Zanker or CK5-style Flow Conditioners and Flow Conditioner Housings, Canalta has the tools and expertise to help you develop the flow profile you need to achieve performance and accuracy in the field.