Contour Flow Conditioner Housings

The Canalta Contour FCH™ Flow Conditioner Housing brings the ease, safety and practicality of inspecting and changing an orifice plate to the flow conditioner. This long overdue concept allows for regular inspections of the flow conditioner without breaking apart the flow line. The Canalta Contour FCH™ allows the operator to easily perform flow conditioner inspection and maintenance on the same regular schedule as the orifice plate. With this innovative, newly patented design, you can be sure that your flow profile has not been degraded by damage, blockage or residue accumulation.

All bore surfaces and internal dimensions within the housing are manufactured to strictly comply with the latest editions of AGA-3 and ISO-5167. The Canalta Contour FCH™ is effective for both ultrasonic and differential pressure custody transfer applications, where flow profile and measurement accuracy are critical.

The body connects to the line upstream of the flow conditioning plate through an integral body flange. This design virtually eliminates flow disturbances caused by RF and RTJ flange breaks, making your flow profile that much more reliable. Approved for 150 – 900 ANSI ratings, these integral body flanges also reduce costs by eliminating material and fabrication procedures.


  • AGA-3 and ISO-5167 compliance
  • Effective in all flow measurement applications where flow profile is critical for accuracy.
  • Maintains flow conditioner alignment and positioning despite replacement or debris impact.
  • Prevents bypass leakage.
  • Allows for easy flow conditioner inspection, removal and replacement.
  • Effective in both retro-fits and new projects.
  • Can be supplied with any upstream connection type (flanged, weld-neck, threaded end and more).
  • Available in sizes 2″ – 12″ (NPS. and more).
  • Can be fitted for standard or extreme corrosive service.
  • Available in both single and dual chamber designs.
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Canalta Contour FCH™

    The Canalta Contour FCH™ utilizes the new Canalta Contour™ Series flow conditioners. These isolating flow conditioners incorporate a non-protruding HNBR seal around the downstream face to prevent bypass leakage and are available in a number of industry accepted plate geometries, from the Zanker to the CK5-style and more.