QC and Production


We recognize the importance of quality ownership from conception to shipment. In order to provide you with the highest quality and confidence, we have purchased multiple foundries, machine shops, and distribution centers, giving us total control over our supply chain and quality management. Our complete supply chain ownership, in addition to our ISO and PED certifications, allows us to control supply priorities, quality control management, and specialized projects throughout the supply chain system. Below are the details of our product integrity initiatives.


Combining the ownership of two foundries and one supply center in Korea allows us to control costs and keep our product price competitive. We are also able to control quality to ensure it meets or exceeds specifications. Some other benefits include:

    • Highest quality
    • PED and AD 2000-Merkblatt W0
    • Foundry Approval by DNV-Marine
    • Foundry Approval by Germanischer Lloyd
    • Foundry Approval by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
    • Norsok Approval for 4A, 5A and 6A material grades
    • IBR Well Known Foundry Status (India)
    • ONGC NACE Approval for WCB Sour Grade and Duplex Sour material grades

Machining Facilities

We own three machine shops in Canada, India, and South Korea, giving us the ability to modify any existing products to meet customer satisfaction and needs. Owning these machine shops provides us with the total control over part priorities and stock levels.


Our 140,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility ensures we have the space and equipment required to build at any size or any quantity. Located in a stable location with consistent resources to complete our projects, our highly trained staff provide consistent quality and builds.

Quality Control

Quality is ingrained in us. We have highly trained staff that provide consistent quality checks to ensure all products are safe and accurate. We are ISO and PED certified. Coupled with that, we also:

    • Encourage 3rd party inspectors to come on-site to work with our quality team.
    • Make sure all quality checks are done from the pour of your casting down to it being shipped.
    • Ensure quality checks are performed on a multipoint internal test plan that is integrated into our ERP system.
    • Require mechanical and metallurgical engineers on-site to provide guidance and direction.

Distribution Centers

Owning two distribution centers in both Canada and the US allows us to stock hundreds of thousands of parts and castings to provide extremely fast turnarounds. We also employ an in-house inventory team that maintains all stock levels and quality reports.


Our shipment center is in a prime area for quick global shipment of products. We can ship via air, boat, truck, or train. Our professional shipping managers are on-site, ensuring that all products are shipped quickly, safely, and that the proper paperwork is filed for no time loss.

Customer Service and applications

Our customer service doesn’t end after you place an order. Whenever an issue occurs, our globally located sales staff can provide you with the help and service you need as quickly as you need it. All of our products:

    • Come with warranty guarantees so you don’t have to worry.
    • Are used in various applications around the world, trusted by leading brands.
    • Are offshore and onshore ready.